Saturday, September 29, 2007

Media Infighting? Whose Agenda Is it Anyway?

What happens when media itself is in conflict over what to present to the public? In this video MSNBC reporter Mike Brzezinski stands up to her producers and co hosts. Watch on and decide for yourself.

Any thoughts? I myself admire this woman for her tenacity at standing up against the producers of the news program despite the obvious repercussions it may have to her career and reputation to her superiors. While more often than not we think of the media as having its own self-serving capitalist agenda, it is journalists like Mika that give hope to me that someone out there in the media world is truly out there to serve society as a public informant of issues that are relevant and have significant impact to our society today. Seriously, how much does the news of Paris Hilton in jail weigh more than news concerning the United States' plan of action on the war in Iraq? Isn't celebrity news meant to be in celebrity news editions and not as the head story of a morning program?

Again, it may be the media that has the power to dictate what we're going to think about, but in this case the obnoxious male hosts in the show only prove how media can be very shallow sometimes.