Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Will you buy the agenda I'm advertising? (Part One)

Advertising’s main goal is to “focus consumers’ attention on what values, products, brands, or attributes to think about rather than try to persuade consumers what to think of these.”

- Ghorpade, Shailendra (1986). Agenda setting: A test of advertising's neglected function. Journal of Advertising Research, Aug/Sept, 23-27.

I'll reinforce your positive values and make it seem that my product is the reason for your beliefs.

Masarap mabuhay dahil masarap ang Ajinomoto.

Let Jesus live in your heart by going to La Salle.

Because you get treated to McDo and your brother doesn't, both of you are equally loved.

You will become a strong athlete if you drink Milo.

Like your family, Rebisco stood the test of time.

Safeguard will safeguard you from all kinds of germs.

You will touch more lives if you gas up at Shell.

SMART is the way to connect with your loved ones abroad.

You'll like the Philippines because you'll like its singers.

You'll still like the Philippines even if Boracay is the only good place to go to and the only good schools here are UP, Ateneo, and the Asian Institute of the Philippines.

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