Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Will you buy the agenda I'm advertising? (Part Two)

Advertising’s main goal is to “focus consumers’ attention on what values, products, brands, or attributes to think about rather than try to persuade consumers what to think of these.”

- Ghorpade, Shailendra (1986). Agenda setting: A test of advertising's neglected function. Journal of Advertising Research, Aug/Sept, 23-27.


If you don't believe me, then I'll confuse you a little and challenge the logical power of your mind.

Even though you have a jar full of Paracetamol which is more than enough for you and your twin, you should still fight over one Advil.

Men, wear Bench - it will awaken even your grandmother's most dormant desires.

Biolink will make you so white you'll seem adopted.

Idolize your father who has had children with many different women. After all, as he drinks Emperador, tagumpay raw niya ang mga anak niya.

Give your whole Fita biscuit, not only half - otherwise your reward won't be "whole."

Jollibee will end your argument with another argument.

KFC is so delicious you won't mind if you don't even know who's sharing your meal.

Men: use Master Facial wash if you don't want oily cheeks. Women: don't wash your face or wipe the oil away to prove the point.

Use Master Papaya only if the other techniques didn't work.

Idolize Manny Pacquiao, our Pambansang Kamao, who eats at McDonald's, an American fastfood chain.

Pop Cola is so good you'd even forget about your father who welcomed you with open arms.

Remember: life is a soap opera. Rich women will always be bitches. Girls from the province will always be meek and mild and therefore abused. So use Rejoice to get even.

Guys, use Rexona so you can now be a cheerleader.

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